Words from Principal

Nanguo Elementary School is located in Changhua culture and education area, and students in fourteen lanes enter the school. Its adjacent schools are National Changhua High School, National Changhua Senior School of Commerce, Chienkuo Technology University, Changhua Christian Hospital, and householders are high quality. It’s also the nearest school around Changhua County Government and usually goes with the county government to hold all kinds of activities. Every year the county Chinese Competition and Local Language Competition are held in our school, so it’s really in high quality.
I was selected and appointed to the school as the principal in August 2002. Concerning about its fine tradition and school discipline, I’d never to relax. Therefore, since taking office, I introduce health, happy, enterprising, and thanksgiving as the four main forces. I also takes student’ educational right in mind, respects teachers, students, and householders one another, and gets along with people sincerely as my goals. Otherwise, pay equal attention to propose and concern, and to emphasize effect and responsibility. Looking forward to establish a whole-win campus.


Education Beliefs of Principal

                     1. Hoping every teacher is full of love and willing to take care of every student.
                     2. Hoping every student can study hard, develop plural-wise, and learn happily.
                     3. Hoping every householder can support school, take care school, and assist school.
                     4. Hoping everywhere is a learning place, and to learn anytime and everywhere.


School characteristics

One: Teaching Bilingual
We have great English teachers and plan three English classes every week for high-grade students. One of the three classes is “Conversation Class,” and also establishes English wise class to enrich the contents. All kinds of ceremony, such as to hoist a flag, the emcee greets in English. Otherwise, we plan a series of English week activities every year, and create a language environment for students to learn to face the global world.

Two: Science Education
We have the only one “Shuwang Science Building” in Changhua County. It was donated five million dollars from our first president “ Lai, Shu-Wang.” There is a series of exhibition, see our home in the outer space, and we will set up astronomy class in the future for students to observe. So, let’s look forward to the new birth of astronomers in the future.

Three: Art Education
We have many music teachers. Over the years, our choir and flute group take part in competitions and get excellent grades. We also hold choir and flute competitions for all classes every year. Otherwise, we set up “Art Passage” to exhibit students’ work periodically, and also set up Nanguo TV station for students to show and to broadcast news. We hope that our students can cultivate rat character around the art education surrounding.

Four: Set Moral-Character into Action
We take “Life Education” as the central of SBC of Grade 1-9 Curriculum, and cooperate with Changhua Christian Hospital to carry on life education cooperation plan. Teachers in our school choose honest, responsible, respect, and social morals as the four main forces, and hope to carry out these ideas into teaching and life education. Finally, we want to cultivate students’ fine characters and put whole-person education into practice.

Five: Class and Family Association
For new century education, the householder will be a partner of school. Therefore, every class in our school all makes up “Class and Family Association,” and help teachers to carry on topical lessons and visiting activities. The Class and Family Association usually holds activities in holidays, and it dose help a lot and are effective to run a school.



(Educational Affairs)
Director of Educational Affairs 教務主任
(1) Plan academic affairs
(2) Assign academic affairs to teachers
(3) Assist teachers’ teaching and help solve the difficulties
(4) Patrol teaching situation in each class
(5) Help teachers attend workshops or other training programs

Chief of Curriculum Section 教學組長
(1) Program teachers’ and classes schedules
(2) Collect, print and distribute mid-term and final exam papers
(3) Hold competitions on Chinese writing, recitation, spelling, and calligraphy
(4) Arrange substitute teachers
(5) Check teachers’ teaching journals

Chief of Registration Section 註冊組長
(1) In charge of placement
(2)Handle students who transfer, withdraw, return, dropout and establish students’ ID data
(3) Handle scholarship applications
(4) Issue diplomas and transcripts

Chief of Information Management Section 資訊組長
(1) Design and update school web site
(2) Manage computer, computer laboratory, software and hardware
(3) Plan and implement information technology education

(Student Affairs)
Director of Instructional Affair 訓導處主任
(1) Handle accidents occurred among students
(1) Plan and carry out life education, physical activities, school’s sports day, flea market, and school field trip
(2) Extracurricular activities
(3) Plan and supervise volunteers for traffic safety
(4) Carry out parent-teacher communication and community activities
(5) Counsel students’ behaviors

Chief of Disciplinary Section 生活教育組長
(1) Plan and implement life education plans
(2) Carry out safe education and arrange road routine
(3) Arrange teacher security patrol shifts and student pickets
(4) Handle lost and found
(5) Handle accidents

Chief of Instruction Section 訓育組長
(1) To carry out ethos education, revive Chinese cultural and social education affairs.
(2) To prefer filial piety, model students, and to praise other fine deed children.
(3) To deal with dropping out of school affairs.
(4) To organize and train the school association.
(5) To plan and decorate bulletins of the hall and passage.
(6) To prepare the Boy Scout affairs and outside the campus activities.

Chief of Hygiene Section 衛生組長
(1) Make health regulations and heath equipment plans
(2) Be in charge of school environment sanity

Chief of Physical Education Section 體育組長
(1) Make and implement physical education plans
(2) Hold school sport events
(3) Manage school grounds and sports equipment

(General Affairs)
Director of General Affairs 總務主任
(1) In charge of construction bids and supervise construction
(2)Reinforce school security (door security, fire prevention, thief prevention, and hazard prevention)
(3) Arrange and supervise school environment and beautify school environment
(4) Plan and supervise the prevention and salvage hazards
(5) Supervise defray

Chief of General Affairs Section 事務組長
(1) Basic purchasing
(2) In charge of school property
(3) Allocate classrooms, desks, chairs and school grounds as need for teaching and school activities

Chief of Cashier Affair Section出納組長
(1) To receive and pay out money, to keep, and to register.
(2) To have a balance of money chart, and all kinds of expense lists.
(3) To examine and calculate the staff’s salary, professional subsidy, research fund, expenditure fund, and all
      kinds of subsidy.
(4) To receive and pay for miscellaneous expense of the whole campus.
(5) To deal with the staff’s salary and other expenditure affairs.
(6) To receive and pay the healthy insurance fund of retired people.

Chief of Documents Section 文書組長
(1) Handle and manage official documents
(2) Custodian of official seals
(3) Keep records of school meetings

Director of Counseling Division 輔導主任
(1) Plan students’ counseling matters
(2) Assist in teachers’ counseling activity
(3) In charge of school’s special resource class
(4) Conduct seminars relating to student counseling
(5) Develop counseling resource network

Chief of Data Section 資料組長
(1) Handle students’ counseling data
(2) Keep disabled students’ record and applications
(3) Assist in special resource class affairs

Chief of Counseling Section 輔導組長
(1) Handle school PTA affairs
(2) Arrange individual/group student counseling (including drop-out students)
(3)Arrange students’ follow-up counseling (including graduate students, mental disabled/abused students)
(4) Assist in seminars relating to counseling.

Chief of Personnel Section 人事室
(1) To Transact faculty appointing, removing, lasting salary, teacher registering, and selecting regular teachers
      to teach on behalf of another teacher affairs.
(2) To manage faculty going on business, diligence and laziness, working overtime, and official duties.
(3) To transact the staff’s retirement, dismissing employees with severance pay, and consoling a bereaved
(4) To verify and carry out the staff’s children.
(5) To apply for educational subsidy of the staff’s children.
(6) To help and manage various kinds of personnel affairs.

Chief of Accounting Section 會計室
(1) To draw up accounting voucher, and to examine and verify original evidence.
(2) To draw up budgeting and auditing affairs.
(3) To register accounting firm
(4) To compile accounting statement.
(5) To keep and bind accounting evidence.
(6) Other relating accounting affairs.